Ladykillers, an exhibition of 24 contemporary Renaissance photographs by Paris- and Los Angeles-based artist Maya Mercer, will be presented as the inaugural event at Alt/Space gallery in Mar Vista from Friday, Sept. 17 through Oct. 16.

An opening reception is scheduled from 7 to 11 p.m. Sept. 17 at Alt/Space, 3815 Grandview Blvd., Mar Vista.

The portraits depict “young, virile” men dressed up in elegant women’s wear and posing against stunning natural settings in the French countryside, Los Angeles forests and Malibu beaches. These photographs vary in size and format, and can be “confrontative, desolate, misunderstandable and erotic,” the artist says.

This first solo show by Mercer is curated by art critic Peter Frank and presented by international art dealer Delia Cabral.

A gallery spokesperson says that in Ladykillers, one can find beauty amid a thicket of questions. In her Ladykillers series, Mercer has photographed men in the compromised positions one would normally expect in a glossy fashion shoot.

In Ladykillers, Mercer has appropriated and undermined the visual language of advertising, offering it as a direct challenge to one’s sense of the normal, the gallery spokesperson says.