Sea Saw makes Santa Monica Pier an immersive platform for emerging artists

By Christina Campodonico

L.A.’s avant-garde meets the pier’s “Wild, Wild West” at Sea Saw

Locals and tourists alike can experience something totally unexpected at the west end of the Santa Monica Pier twice a week this summer.
Called “Sea Saw,” the experimental art and performance series curated by Santa Monica Pier Executive Director Negin Singh and Think Tank Gallery kicks off at 6 p.m. Tuesday with an interactive workshop by The Guest & The Host. The creative duo of musician Andrew Heringer and director Spencer Williams (creator of immersive theater company Walk the Night) are hosting “Make Music”— a make-your-own-music recording experience set against a “glittering disco installation.”

“You, our guest, come to us, your hosts. We make music together. From that, we get a song,” explained Williams to the immersive horror and entertainment site “[It’s] a recording experience that literally anyone can participate in. It’s funny, this piece is the simplest I’ve ever made on the surface, but it has a sort of infinite conjugation. Each session is as unique as the person in that time. ”

It’s these one-of-a-kind and out-of-the-box artistic experiences that Singh seeks to showcase through “Sea Saw,” whose performances will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout July and August in an underutilized spot above the west end’s bleachers, which she calls “the observatory.”
“We went through a bunch of really awesome submissions and selected six artists,” says Singh, “and they are being given these two nights [each] to showcase a completely new piece of work that is going to be hard to explain.”

Think of something you might see at LACMA — but before it gets recognized by the art world enough to appear at LACMA, explains Singh. Ultimately, she hopes Sea Saw can be a platform for growing experimental art and performance at the pier that helps people discover emerging artists — replicating some of her most cherished experiences of unearthing unique and out-of-this-world talent in L.A.

“The pier’s a quirky, Wild, Wild West sort of place, and we want to foster that kind of energy and see what happens,” she says. “The experience I would like to give people is, ‘I went to the pier, I saw this thing, I can’t explain it. You should go.’”

“Sea Saw” happens at 6 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays through Aug. 29 at the Santa Monica Pier. Free. Visit for updates.