The app matches people and brands with causes using actional content to facilitate tangible change such as virtual protests, one-click petitions, fundraising and community organizing for various causes.

New Westside-based social justice app matches people with worthy causes

By Haley Beyer

Social impact BIPOC tech founder, Chloe Cheyenne, recently launched COMMUNITYx, a new activism-based app headquartered in Santa Monica.

Cheyenne was employed by Google but decided to go and create something more meaningful after her African American father was left disabled after a police brutality incident.
“The more people I talked to, the more I realized how many people had issues they deeply cared about and wanted a way to take action,” Cheyenne said.

COMMUNITYx is a space for allies to unite. It matches people and brands with their desired causes using actionable content. It moves away from the normal social media platforms where “actions” are just a comment or double tap/favorite/like. The app also keeps important information from getting lost in the Instagram algorithm, censored or shadow banned.
It helps build meaningful connections through joint efforts toward tangible change.

With COMMUNITYx, participants can find the causes they care about and have deep, genuine conversations with others while sharing information.

“The best part so far was when the app launched,” Cheyenne said.

“There were thousands of people from around the world joining who were having very important conversations that they wouldn’t feel comfortable having on other platforms.”
The app aids in setting up virtual protests, one-click petitions, event coordination, funding for events and community organizing.

The main categories are health, government, racial justice, education, economy, environment, civil rights and human rights. There are subcategories within each category to focus on more specific issues.

If an issue isn’t covered, it can be submitted for review. This ensures all information and action on the app is professional, safe, and within the guidelines of its mission.

“We want COMMUNITYx to be a space where people can be themselves and do good,” Cheyenne said.

COMMUNITYx makes sure its board and executive teams have the most intersectional and diverse group of people working behind the app. This includes “American Horror Story” actress, trans-rights activist and tech entrepreneur, Angelica Ross, along with NBA legend-turned-tech-mogul, Baron Davis.

“Their support means everything to me,” Cheyenne said. “It is such a unique opportunity to have people like them put their names behind this project.”

On-screen, Ross made history as the first female transgender actress to be in two series regular roles and was recognized for her fierce and moving performances. She has been just as powerful off-screen, leading the movement for transgender and racial equality.

Ross founded and is currently the CEO of TransTech, a social enterprise that provides education and support for transgender people that want to enter the tech field.
Ross was also the first openly trans person to host an American presidential forum in 2020 on LGBTQ issues.

These experiences and roles have made her well-versed in COMMUNITYx’s social impact mission on a large scale, making her a perfect fit as a board member.
“What I love about COMMUNITYx is that it closes the gap between information and action,” Ross said.

“With this app, we can form coalitions and create actionable content to make real change. For me, that might be trans rights and black liberation. For others, it might be climate change or social justice. When it comes to fighting the good fight, you’ll find that you’re not alone on COMMUNITYx.”
Next month, the

COMMUNITYx team will release a coalition of celebrity activists who will support the campaign in the summer to bring awareness.

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