Playa Vista will soon be going green. And yellow, brown, red and many other colors.

The planned community will be getting its own farmers market, where local residents will have the benefit of shopping for a variety of vegetables and fruits, flowers, fresh fish, breads, pastries and juices from dozens of vendors.

The market will debut on Saturday, June 6th, at a parking lot adjacent to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Seabluff Drive, south of Pacific Promenade.

“This is another step forward for Playa Vista,” said Steven Sugerman, a spokesman for Playa Capital. “What will be unique and special about this farmers market is that this presents not only an opportunity to shop for organic produce and others foods, but also an opportunity for people from other communities to learn more about Playa Vista and enjoy some of our open spaces and recreational facilities.”

Mark Anderson will be the manager of the market. He has been involved with nine other farmers markets, including those in Santa Monica, Culver City and Westchester.

“A big focus of the Playa Vista Farmers Market will be centered around the local agricultural products and providing good nutrition,” said Anderson, who is a local grower. “In these tough economic times, people want to eat well at an inexpensive price, and at a farmers market you can pick up top quality merchandise and (prepare) it at home.”

Vendors at the Playa Vista market will also sell Kettle Corn, crepes, tamales and grilled barbecue items. Live music will also be featured.

Farmers markets are wonderful community builders, says Diana Rogers, the manager of the Mar Vista Farmers Market. “They create a central square of sorts for people to gather and mingle.”

Rogers feels that Playa Vista’s architectural design and concept of self-contained amenities will blend well with a local open-air venue.

“As Playa Vista is a planned community with all of the amenities inside, (this could be) a wonderful opportunity to create a central marketplace to bring people out of their houses, to get to know each other, rub elbows and meet local farmers, vendors, community groups and merchants,” said Rogers, who also runs the Westchester farmers market on Wednesdays.

Sugerman feels that the new market can play that same role for the community as well.

“People have used our dog parks, our soccer fields and our basketball courts as gathering spots, and the farmers market will provide an opportunity to do that as well,” he said.

Playa del Rey resident Ruth Lansford often visits Santa Monica’s market, but upon learning that a new marketplace will open within a few minutes from her, she said that she would be interested in shopping at Playa Vista’s.

“Parking can be such a headache in Santa Monica,” she pointed out. “(Playa Vista’s) would be much closer to me, and to people who live in Del Rey and certain parts of Westchester.”

Prior to the opening of Playa Vista’s farmers market, its residents would have to visit Westchester, Culver City, Mar Vista or Santa Monica to shop at an outdoor market. But now residents of the planned community, along with the neighborhoods that surround Playa Vista, will have a place to purchase locally grown produce, said Anderson.

“This is part of what Playa Vista has always envisioned,” he said. “And the community wants a farmers market.”

The Playa Vista market will contribute to the Sprouts of Promise Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching children and adults the importance of healthy food choices in their everyday life and to promoting awareness of the nutritional significance of fruits and vegetables in a healthy diet.

Anderson is looking forward to the inaugural event of the open-air marketplace.

“I am proud to be associated with the Playa Vista Farmers Market,” Anderson said. “This is a wonderful community that deserves a first-rate farmers market, and that’s exactly what we plan to provide.”

The opening of the farmers market arrives against the backdrop of the final stages of Phase I, the affluent community’s residential component that is near completion. The Village, which will feature retail, commercial and residential development, is the second stage of Playa Capital’s land use plans.

Portions of the environmental impact report of Phase II will be reviewed by the Los Angeles City Council later this year. An appellate court in 2007 invalidated three sections of the EIR after several environmental organizations filed a lawsuit against the development.

Parking for the farmers market will be available on Bluff Creek Drive and in two parking lots located north of Bluff Creek on the east side of Seabluff Drive, and on adjacent streets.