Reports review safety

procedures at LAX one year after worst crash


Operational improvements at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are in the offing and recommendations for changes in federal regulations on aircraft interior specifications and procedures have been made, as two reports were issued last week. It was almost exactly a year from the day that 34 people died in a crash at Los Angeles International Airport.

The two separate reports attempted to address some of the underlying causes of the tragedy February 1st last year, when a USAir Boeing 737 that was landing slammed into a Skywest commuter plane on Runway 24L of Los Angeles International Airport, killing 22 people on the jet and all 12 aboard the smaller craft. It remains the worst disaster in the history of the airport, according to airport officials.

Soon after the crash, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley commissioned a safety report to examine the accident, with special regard to “the flammability of aircraft interiors.”

The report, issued January 29th was developed under