The new Museum of Flying at Santa Monica Airport has received a donation of a FedEx Boeing 727-200 freighter nose section as an exhibit to help spark youths’ interest in aviation and aerospace education and career opportunities.

The plane’s nose section was delivered to the museum, 3100 Airport Ave., Santa Monica Wednesday, October 7th by FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. The delivery arrived unboxed and from end to end measures 28 feet.

The nose section was transported from the Victorville Airport, where it had been separated from the aircraft, to the Museum of Flying.

“As we retire this 727 from our fleet, we are proud to give back to the aviation community,” said David Sutton, managing director of Aircraft Acquisitions and Sales for FedEx. “The donation of this aircraft is just one example of the many ways FedEx supports educational endeavors, reflecting the community spirit shared by all FedEx employees in the cities and towns where we live and work.”

Sutton praised the cooperation with museum staff and Santa Monica Airport officials for the coordination effort required to place the donated aircraft section in the Santa Monica facility. He noted the “hands-on training value” that this aircraft piece will provide to the museum’s educational program for students.

“We are delighted with the donation of the 727 nose,” stated David G. Price, chairman of the Museum of Flying. “Not only will this be a vital component to our children’s educational programs, but it will be an added visitor experience as well.”

Museum officials said the FedEx 727 nose section will be mounted on the exterior of the new museum and will create a compelling presentation as visitors enter the aircraft from the second floor of the new museum. The new Museum of Flying is scheduled to reopen in the early spring.

Since 2000, FedEx has donated more than 40 of its retired Boeing 727 aircraft to various organizations for educational purposes.