Migration Celebration returns to Ballona Discovery Park

Ballona is a popular pit stop for many species of migrating birds

Welcome back, birds of Ballona!

Join the nonprofit Friends of Ballona Wetlands on Saturday at Ballona Discovery Park for their annual Migration Celebration, a block party celebrating the return of migrating bird and butterfly species passing through the wetlands at this time of year.

“The Migration Celebration is a family-friendly festival to celebrate and inform folks about the wildlife and habitat that are really right in our backyard,” said Friends of Ballona Executive Director Scott Cullbertson. “We want everyone to come and learn about the birds and the Ballona Wetlands, this incredibly important ecosystem.”

Guided tours give novice and experienced birdwatchers alike the chance to spot rare visitors like Wilson’s warbler and the warbling vireo, two small species of birds who use Ballona as a resting point during their trek back north from Mexico.

“Los Angeles is in the Pacific Flyway, a path that birds take as they are migrating from South America to Alaska. The Ballona Wetlands are a really important stopover for them, a place to rest, feed and in some cases stay and nest until the young birds fledge,” Cullbertson said.

Chalk art, face painting, food, music and a virtual reality experience curated by Google happen in between tours.

— Griffin Baumberger

The Migration Celebration is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday (April 7) at Ballona Discovery Park, 13110 Bluff Creek Drive, Playa Vista. Free. Visit ballonafriends.org to reserve a tour.