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Celebrity designer Francesca Grace shares tips for adding holiday cheer to your home

By Kamala Kirk

The holidays are right around the corner, and while decorating your home can be an overwhelming task, there are several simple things you can do to make it look and feel extra special this season.

Celebrity designer and HGTV star Francesca Grace recently partnered with One Coast, California’s premier coastal residential enclave developed by etco Homes on the bluffs of Pacific Palisades, to bring some of the residences to life with holiday cheer for their Holiday Homes Tour & Bazaar on Dec. 11.

“There is nothing cozier than ringing in the holiday spirit with festive décor that enhances the home,” Grace said. “Unpredictable designs, blended with festive trends, is the perfect way to encompass the holiday spirit and add a little twinkle to your space.”

Grace shares her top holiday décor tips for enhancing your home this season:

• Playing with colors. Beyond the traditional red and green, 2021 is the year to express yourself by playing with different bold colors. This can help make pieces stand out in your home. For example: nutcrackers, wreaths and tablescapes in abstract colors and high-saturated hues.

•Natural textures. Leaning into a more organic palette would be ideal for those who don’t want an overdone holiday home. Grace suggests using a mix of neutrals and earth tones like sage green and soft blues that weave in elements of nature. For example, ornaments and other decorations that incorporate wood or natural fibers.

• Whimsical shapes. Embracing maximalism after a long year with funky shaped furniture, multiple Christmas trees in different sizes and oversized holiday art.

Francesca Grace
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