The Del Rey Yacht Club has released the final standings in its 18th Biennial Corum Marina del Rey to Puerto Vallarta International Yacht Race.

Yachts left the Marina in a staggered start, designed so that the entries could reach Puerto Vallarta roughly at the same time.

The race is conducted every two years in odd-numbered years.

This year there were three classes of racing yachts — Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) AA, A and B.

Another class, called the Salsa Class, was designed for cruisers who took a slower, more leisurely pace, stopping en route for fishing and several layovers.

Salsa Division yachts left the Marina Friday, February 11th, and racing fleets left in staggered starts the following week.

The final standings include:


Scout Spirit, finished 5:42:20 a.m. Thursday, February 24th;

Magnitude 80, finished 7:59:56 p.m. Wednesday, February 23rd;

Genuine Risk, did not start; and

Pyewacket, retired.


Beau Geste, 3:32:09 a.m. Thursday, February 24th;

Flash, 7:18:44 a.m. Thursday, February 24th; and

Barking Spider, retired.


Chicken Little, 5:45:35 a.m., Thursday, February 24th;

Baywolf, 4:52:56 a.m., Thursday, February 24th; and

Horizon, retired.

Escort vessels included:

Chaos, 3:02:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 23rd; and

Good Vibrations, 10:47:06 a.m. Thursday, February 24th.

The final Salsa Division Fleet standings include:

Spinnaker A:

Broadway Babe, J. Maslon, DRYC, did not finish Leg 1, 3 points each for Legs 2 and 3, 3 overall;

Cheyene, A. Blunt, California Yacht Club, CYC and D. Fox, South Coast Racing Club, two points each for Legs 1, 2, and 3, 2 overall;

Lark, B. Patterson, CYC, 1 points each for Legs, 1, 2, and 3, 1 overall;

Masquerade, T. Coker, SGYC, did not finish Leg 1, did not start Legs 2 and 3, 4 overall;

Spinnaker B:

Enchanted Lady, A. Silbert, SLBYC, did not finish Leg 1, 2 points each for Legs 2 and 3, overall 2 points;

Green Dragon, G. Green, SBYRC, 1 point each for Legs, 1, 2 and 3 and overall;

Non-Spinnaker A:

Far Niente, P. Hearne, ALYC, did not finish Leg 1, 3 points for Leg 2 and 4 points for Leg 3, 4 points overall;

Ginny B, M. Biddison, CRA, did not finish Leg 1, 4 points for Leg 2, 2 points for Leg 3, 3 points overall;

Lazy Bones, J. Allen, DRYC, 1 point for Leg 1, 2 points for Leg 2, 1 point for Leg 3, 1 point overall; and

Quest, S. Adam, DRYC, 2 points for Leg 1, 1 point for Leg 2, 3 points for Leg 3, 2 points overall.

Non-Spinnaker B:

Camelot, H. Funaoku, DRYC, 1 point each for Legs 1, 2 and 3 and overall; and

Wind Dancer, W. Solberg, CYC, did not finish Leg 1, 2 points each for Legs 2 and 3 and overall.

Additional Salsa Division trophy winners included:

Charles E. Leveson Memorial Trophy for Overall Performance:

Spinnaker A, Lark;

Spinnaker B, Green Dragon;

Non-Spinnaker A, Lazy Bones; and

Non-Spinnaker B, Camelot.