Local associates of “Letting Go” author Guy Finley are presenting a six-week film series every Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. through October 21st featuring videos of Finley’s presentations on how to find a life of inner freedom and true happiness at the Santa Monica YMCA, Second Floor Community Room, 1332 Sixth St.

The next showing entitled “Brand New Tools for Building a Brighter Life” is scheduled Wednesday, September 23rd. A $3 donation is suggested.

For years, Finley has told people that a fearless life is always possible, regardless of circumstances, an associate said.

Each video will feature a brief question and answer session led by an associate of the author.

“These videos of Guy’s talks are priceless,” psychologist Dr. Ellen Dickstein said.

“They are filled with deep insights and great humor, all of which combine to show us a new way to view ourselves and the world so we can begin to live more effectively.”

Each of the showings will feature a new and different video that reveals Finley’s latest findings. The meetings will be informal and everyone is invited to come to one or all of the sessions.

The schedule of videos is as follows:

September 23rd — “Brand New Tools for Building a Brighter Life”;

September 30th — “The Essential Laws of Successful Leadership”;

October 7th — “The Three Keys to Complete Self-Command”;

October 14th — “The Evolution of Desire”; and

October 21st — “The Power to Never Again Feel Powerless.”

Finley is the author of more than 38 books and audio albums on self-realization that have been translated into 18 languages. His newest book, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living became the number-one best seller on Amazon upon its release.

For more information about the video showings, (310) 266-9930.