Los Angeles World Airports — the City of Los Angeles department that operates four city airports — and the Westchester Streetscape Improvement Association, began a new program Thursday, March 3rd, to plant new street trees in Westchester.

The airport department-funded project will include planting 83 purple orchid trees 50 feet apart on both sides of Westchester Parkway between Will Rogers Street and Airport Boulevard.

The selected tree species — formally named Bauhinia purpurea — has been designated a recommended street tree for the Southern California region.

“We consider this landscaping project to be not only an opportunity to improve the appearance of airport-owned property in the Westchester neighborhood, but a means of building onto an ongoing series of environmentally-friendly activities,” said Kim Day, airport executive director.

The Westchester Streetscape Improvement Association, was founded as the Sepulveda Task Force in 2001 to oversee a $5.8 million City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation capacity enhancement project on Sepulveda Boulevard.

The association has expanded its scope and is working with community residents, businesses, city departments, commuters and other interested parties to craft a new vision for the future of Sepulveda Boulevard between Lincoln Boulevard and Manchester Avenue.