Rich founded her fitness company KICHGO, a virtual workout program using the equipment in a small two-pound bag with the same fitness workouts she uses with her clients.

Celebrity trainer Kit Rich makes working out accessible

By Sara Edwards

Celebrity trainer and Santa Monica resident Kit Rich started out as a writer who worked as a waitress to make a living. But when she was waitressing, she wasn’t living a very healthy lifestyle. Because of her inconsistent work hours, she would eat out a lot and was too tired to work out or establish a fitness routine. She reached a point where she felt miserable, burnt out and wanted to change that.

“I walked into a Pilates studio feeling like complete crap and the woman was like, ‘Hey, you’re an instructor, right?’” Rich said. “And the thing I learned about myself is that I was really good at (being an instructor).”

Rich said it was the fact that she wasn’t a raging fitness fanatic that helped win her over to people looking to start a fitness routine because she could understand them and meet them at the fitness level they were at, something not easily found in many personal trainers.

“What I have found in my many years of experience is that I make people feel very safe and comfortable, and I don’t make them feel bad for where they are at right now,” Rich said. “I solely focus on the health aspect which is feeling good and what happens to your body is just an added benefit.”

As she started her journey to become a personal trainer and fitness professional, she quickly built herself a reputation, working with celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kesha both at home and on international tours. Each time she traveled, she would throw some workout equipment into a bag to make it easier to transport around the world.

On top of that, Rich’s clients would say they wished they could take her with them everywhere.

“At first I would have to lug around a lot of really heavy equipment and it got really challenging so eventually I just started throwing stuff in a bag,” Rich said.

This sparked Rich’s idea to start her fitness company KICHGO, a virtual workout program using the equipment in a small two-pound bag with the same fitness workouts she uses with her clients.

“It was just an extension of me, it was a gym bag that weighs less than two pounds and comes with videos that are tailor made for the contents in the bag,” Kit said. “And the whole purpose of it is that it’s not supposed to be fancy. The best kind of fitness is one where you keep it simple.”

Everything needed for Rich’s workouts come in a small white drawstring bag with foot sliders, two resistance bands, handle grips and resistance loops along with a door anchor and a KICHGO ball for Pilates. Customers can also purchase a subscription to KICHGO with workout videos and how to use the equipment for a fulfilling, challenging workout.

Rich’s workouts have a multifaceted approach with her classes ranging from Pilates Fusion to stretches and full-body workouts.
“I needed to make sure that every item in the pack made sense so that I didn’t feel limited by it and I wanted to also make sure that I could do Pilates, which is why I put in a door anchor,” Rich said. “I needed these items in the back to be able to be used for any type of discipline and lightweight.”

During the pandemic, Rich started uploading free workout videos on YouTube to help people stay fit and active while sheltering at home. She started receiving daily emails from people around the world and across the country thanking her for making her workouts accessible to those who may not have equipment or a place to develop a fitness routine.

“YouTube just really put KICHGO out there and it was cool to know that I was actually impacting someone’s life from across the world,” Rich said. “My goal is to keep producing videos either on YouTube or for my website so that people can use them, feel inspired and have me as a part of their daily lives.”