Today’s youth experience much more exposure to sedentary and automated activities due to technology, and cuts in public funding for athletic programs in schools. Many are in danger of health problems due to inactivity itself, as well as weight gain.

Workouts for kids should be fun, regularly integrated into their schedules and varied. Discovering activities that your child enjoys and looks forward to are the keys to positive results, and continued interest. Many children who enjoy team sports and have athletic skills can join after-school sports programs, and likely already have.

But what about the child who may not make a team, is too out of shape to even consider trying, or is not into competitive sports? There are many after-school inclusive athletic and exercise programs that any child can sign up for, are available for free, nominally priced, or have scholarships available. These programs go beyond kickball and can instead include skateboarding, running club, yoga, dance classes, basketball and much more.

Outside of school grounds, Parks and Recreation centers have fantastic sign up programs that are first come, first served for as young as Pee-Wee and on up. These accessible programs are a fantastic opportunity for fitness, fun, non-threatening environment, designed to simply keep the kids moving while helping them gain more athletic ability. My own children have enjoyed and enhanced their abilities and fitness in programs such as these.


Sean Kahler is a NASM certified trainer and owner of Able Bodies Fitness in Venice. He can be reached at 310-200-5770.