Five Desserts to Die for From fresh-baked giant cookies to decadent chocolate soufflé, enjoy some of the Westside’s most satisfying sweets

By Chloe Jory

Juice cleanses, raw foods other health-conscious diet options are all the rage in Southern California, but there’s still plenty of room left for dessert.
I’ve scoured the Westside in search of the perfect sweet treat. From giant cookies to chocolate soufflé, here are five of the best desserts I’ve found this side of the 405:

TruxstonsTruxton’s Bistro Cookie
Truxton’s classic dessert is a skillet-baked chocolate chip cookie that’s not to be missed. But make sure you bring a date, because this oversized confection is made to share. Gooey in the center and drizzled with caramel and chocolate, the extra-sweet giant cookie ($7.98) is served fresh out of the oven with a hefty scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. It’s safe to say that straying from my gluten-free diet for a night was worth it. Better eat fast before it melts!
Truxton’s American Bistro, 8611 Truxton Ave., Westchester | (310) 417-878 |

Rocky Road Snow Flower Ice
Snow Flower Ice is an up-and-comer in the frozen yogurt world that combines fluffy ice cream with ribbons of traditional shaved ice. The unique and flavorful combo that’s destined to join the ranks of beloved Asian dessert trends here in Los Angeles. Choose from classic combos like mocha chocolate and vanilla caramel, or an exotic blend like banana passion fruit. With all the topping options you’d expect from a froyo shop, it’s easy to customize a flavor you’ll love. Or, take my advice and try the rocky road ($4.50).
Snow Flower Ice, 4260 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey | (424) 500-8396 |

chocfondueatChaletEdelweissChalet Edelweiss Chocolate Fondue
Craving something sweet to follow your spätzle? Chalet Edelweiss, a European-style eatery best known for their bratwurst, brews and Bavarian pretzels, has a well-kept secret hiding in the dessert menu. The chocolate fondue ($9) is not just a delicious, chocolaty treat — it’s an experience marked by dipping bananas, strawberries and even angel food cake into a bubbling pot! Transport your taste buds to the Swiss Alps with the entertaining and delicious twist on a classic cheese fondue, but make sure to bring your friends and family to join the fun.
Chalet Edelweiss, 8740 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Westchester | (310) 645-8740 |

Sinners and Saints Gluten-Free Tiramisu
Going gluten-free means missing out on some favorite desserts — unless you’re at Sinners and Saints. The signature gluten-free tiramisu ($10) is a delight you won’t want to pass up, whether or not you’re watching your wheat. Fluffy and perfectly balanced, it’s a little slice of heaven that finishes with just the right amount of espresso bite. Seekers of the decadent and gluten-phobic gourmands alike can find a unique mix of other rich desserts, including low calorie options. For the sinners among us, I also recommend the peanut butter cookies.
Sinners and Saints Desserts, 2547 Lincoln Blvd., Venice | (310) 970-2332 |

GoodPizzaThe Good Pizza Chocolate Soufflé, $4.50
The Good Pizza is, for good reason, quickly becoming Playa del Rey’s go-to pizza place. And why not finish off your favorite slice with a little indulgence? There’s nothing quite like a good chocolate soufflé, and The Good Pizza’s take on this classic dish (available exclusively at the Playa location) is served warm out of the oven and overflowing with molten dark chocolate. Next time you need a serious chocolate fix, stop in for this ooey-gooey delicacy ($4.50). Just be warned: you may end up with a chocolaty mustache!
The Good Pizza, 8115 W. Manchester Ave., Playa del Rey | (310) 827-0500 |