How not to run a campaign for the Los Angeles City Council:

In the local Los Angeles City Council 11th District race, candidate Flora Gil Krisiloff attempted to trot out her first big campaign blow at her leading opponent, Mar Vista resident Bill Rosendahl.

Krisiloff and her campaign advisors apparently thought they had a real hot campaign issue when the ballot designation for Rosendahl came up “university professor/journalist.”

Rosendahl has been teaching two classes at California State University at Dominguez Hills from the fall of 2003 to just recently, when Rosendahl stepped down to run his City Council campaign.

Rosendahl told us that he has had a longer association with Cal State Dominguez Hills in other capacities.

But, Krisiloff saw the ballot designation and went into a real tizzy, even trotting out allegations that Rosendahl had perjured himself with the “professor” label.

“It cuts to ethics and clarity and it is a big issue,” Krisiloff told our reporter.

Krisiloff claims that Rosen-dahl is a lecturer and not an actual professor.

Well, that may be what Krisiloff wants voters to believe, but that is not what the folks over at California State University at Dominguez Hills say when you call to ask them what they think about Rosendahl.

Apparently neither Krisiloff nor anyone on her campaign staff bothered to pick up the phone and call Cal State Dominguez Hills to see what tag the university has assigned to Rosendahl.

Had they made such a call, they would have found out — as we did — that Cal State Dominguez Hills does not think of Rosendahl as a mere professor. Not at all.

The university has given Rosendahl the designation of — are you ready for this? — “distinguished visiting professor.”


While Krisiloff huffs and puffs and claims she is taking the ballot designation issue to a judge, what she may end up with is an opponent who is on the ballot not as a simple “university professor” but rather as a “distinguished visiting professor.”


As for Rosendahl, he is a bit amused about all this.

“I didn’t assign myself ‘distinguished visiting professor’ — the university did,” Rosendahl told us.

Then Rosendahl launched into overkill, talking about the Krisiloff effort being “sleazy politics” and a “cheap attack.”

Perhaps he should have just refrained a bit and called Kris-iloff’s attack what it was — “ill conceived, not well thought out and a campaign blunder that has left Krisiloff looking foolish.”

No one in the Krisiloff camp obviously did their homework on this one.

Meanwhile, over at Cal State Dominguez Hill, the folks are falling all over themselves with praise for Rosendahl, explaining at great length why Rosendahl is so Ö. ahem Ö. “distinguished.”

Rosendahl could fill a campaign flier with all the happy chatter the dean of studies gushed about the “distinguished” Rosendahl to our reporter:

“Someone of his caliber doesn’t come along every day. We’re pleased to have that title bestowed upon him.”

The campaign is still young and there will be lots of attacks and counterattacks by the candidates before the Tuesday, March 8th, primary.

But you certainly have to score the first round to “The Distinguished Visiting Professor.”

HOLIDAY TIME — The holidays are upon us and all the local organizations, including churches, temples and tabernacles, are setting up their holiday bazaars and their great programs to help the less fortunate.

There seems to be something for everyone.

One of our favorites is the calendar listing on the opposite page for a Santa Monica event in which participants will learn how to get along at the family table this holiday.

The sponsors promise participants will learn skills that will make it possible to sit at the family table and have “respect, acknowledgement, acceptance and emotional safety during interactions with family members and close relatives” during holiday gatherings.

What an accomplishment.