Forty boats participated in the final Berger Series and Stein Series races Saturday, June 11th.

The two series began in March.

The Berger Series is for PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) sailors and had 27 boats and six classes participating in Saturday’s race.

The Stein Series, for cruising boats, had 13 boats and three classes.

Participants in both events sailed to Cat Harbor for Leg 1 and from Cat Harbor back to Marina del Rey for Leg 2.

The sun had still not completely emerged as the Del Rey Yacht Club race committee boat set up to begin the final events for two premiere series on the Marina del Ray race calendar.

“A forecast of light air had the sailors prepared for a long, slow haul to the backside of Catalina Island,” reported Roberto Cordero, Del Rey Yacht Club (DRYC) race committee chair.

“However, other than haze that cleared by early afternoon the weather cooperated and medium winds filled in to dominate the trip to Catalina,” he said.

A heavy chop due to wind coming from west-southwest made the course a straight shot to Catalina West End.

Once around Ribbon Rock, with breezes lightened, the racers crawled to the finish line inside the harbor.

The bulk of the racers completed this first leg by 5 p.m. and were ready to barbecue on the hot coals provided by DRYC at the club Cat harbor facility.

Approximately 250 sailors shared the food, spirits and their version of the race over from Marina del Rey.

Sunday noon began Leg 2, the return to Marina del Rey. There were slight collisions that got everyone’s adrenaline pumping at the start involving Sorcery, a Mull 83; Gimme Shelter, a Martin 243; and Paddy Wagon, a Ross 40.

The sun was out, the winds were favorable and by 5 p.m., the majority of the fleets were inside the south entrance, where the finish boat, Segundo Amor, skippered by Dave Osborn, and the race committee took finish times and sent the results to DRYC for calculations.

Due to several protests, final results were delayed. The final series standings should be available on the DRYC Web site,, later this week.

Series trophies will be presented at the DRYC Awards Night in the fall.