The city of Santa Monica will offer free nutrient-rich compost to residents during a quarterly Compost Giveaway event, beginning at 7 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 27 at City Yards, 2500 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica.

Residents are encouraged to “bring your own pail” for the event, which returns residents’ yard clippings and other green cart waste in the form of nutrient-rich compost.

The Compost Giveaway is a free event to thank Santa Monica residents for participating in the city’s Green Cart Program, city officials said. Quantities are limited per resident.

The giveaway program was previously held once annually, but has been expanded to a quarterly schedule at the request of the city’s residents.

A city resource recovery and recycling spokeswoman said the use of compost in gardens is an effective way to improve soil health, increase plant production and reduce the use of water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.