The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation, in cooperation with Cal Boating, is providing free pump-out service for boaters’ holding tank sewage in Marina del Rey through September while supplies and funding last.

Foundation boater education representative Michelle Kearney said the program, “Honey Pot Day,” is geared toward educating boaters of the effects of illegally discharging raw sewage into marine harbors.

Boaters must register in advance for a free short informational seminar to receive a clean boating kit and a free mobile pump-out. The 30-minute seminars will be held weekday evenings and weekends, and refreshments will be served.

All boaters will receive a free boater’s kit which includes a 100 percent recyclable tote bag, bilge pad absorbent pillow, stainless steel water bottle, and educational materials from the California Department of Boating and Waterways.

Kearney said the foundation is trying to raise awareness about mobile pump-out services as a viable and convenient option for sewage disposal and educating boaters about the adverse effects of sewage discharge.

To register, contact Kearney at (213) 576-6648, or