mentorFrom teacher to mentor Marina del Rey resident uses Universal Intelligence system to help ‘stuck’ people transition

By Michael Aushenker
For longtime Marina del Rey resident Mari Shintani, 2013 has become a proactive year of change. Shintani, a fit, upbeat and cheerful woman in her middle age who looks 20 years younger, has been through her own share of personal, geographical and career upheavals.
When her longtime marriage dissolved in 2007, the mother of three took the opportunity to reboot her reality by moving to Los Angeles. After some time in West Hollywood, she gravitated toward Marina del Rey – a natural choice for her, she says.
“I’ve always lived by the ocean,” Shintani explained.
Until January, the Japanese-American taught elementary at Westside Waldorf School in Pacific Palisades, one of 800 Waldorf-curriculum schools worldwide nurturing children’s intellects, emotional life and imaginations. She decided to parlay her extensive teaching experience into a new direction as life coach by plugging into the self-empowerment system of Daniel Rechnitzer, the Brisbane, Australia-based brain behind Universal Intelligence (UI). Rechnitzer recently packaged his philosophies in the 2012 tome “The All-Knowing Diary: The Truths You Were Never Told; How to Harness All Knowing to Make the Right Decisions Every Time,” and last year, with the assistance of wife Sonja, he embarked on a U.S. tour that included workshops throughout California, the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and Florida. “Getting Out of Financial Crisis and into Financial Flow Using UI” returns to West L.A. Saturday, July 13.
Rechnitzer, who resides in Marina del Rey when not at home on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, breaks down his one-day seminar into two parts.
“Part one is about cleaning out the brain,” he told The Argonaut, “Teaching people how to weed out all those negative beliefs. We don’t even know we’re thinking and believing these things, that’s the worst thing.
“Part two is about whole brain intelligence – tapping into an understanding of ‘What is my true calling?’ ‘What is perfect and nurturing for me?’”
According to Rechnitzer, the lives people lead is a shadow world of years of programming since childhood.
“We’re creating an exact reflection of everything we believe is true (including a reinforcement of bad childhood messages),” he said. “‘You’re terrible with money!’ ‘You can’t be trusted!’– become incorporated into our true identity, sabotaging opportunities.”
After modifying his methods across 15 years, he began spreading them seven years ago, workshopping UI throughout Australia.
“We’re learning how to move out of that conscious mind and into the super conscious mind,” Rechnitzer said. “About what connects us all; a universal mind; a frequency of information.”
However, the Rechnitzers know that their macro plan can not succeed without the micro-level assistance and follow-up of mentors such as Shintani.
Said Shintani, who has gone through extensive instructional work in preparation for her mentor role, “They’re very picky. They don’t choose just anyone.”
“She’s somebody who has been seeking this for most of her life,” Rechnitzer added. “She’s done a lot of spiritual work and meditation. There was no hesitation, just a level of openness.”
In 1986, Shintani graduated from University of Hawaii at Manoa with a BS in horticulture technology. After her firstborn, she switched her master’s studies from horticulture to education. During her marriage, Shintani relocated to Jakarta in 1989 because of her ex’s medical-field occupation. She became a Montessori teacher through London Montessori Centre and taught at Jakarta Montessori School. However, in 1998, after Indonesian President Suharto stepped down amid rioting, she and her family returned to Honolulu, where she continued surfing and learned gymnastics.
With her former husband, Shintani had three daughters: L.A.-based actress Aylya Hollowell, 26 (expecting her first child this fall); and twins Mirei and Mayumi, 20, both students at Missouri University.
In addition to teaching at Waldorf schools in Honolulu and in the Palisades, Shintani’s experience includes working as a cranial sacral practitioner and a dance instructor. She is currently focused on getting her alternative psychology board certification and she indulges in Zumba classes and gardening.
Shintani will be among three mentors offering individual attention to attendees of the July 13 seminar. UI mentors are assigned clients but they also foster their own clientele. Only on revenue generated from the former will a percentage go to Rechnitzer’s organization.
Next up for the Rechnitzers: Sonja, who last month gave birth to their daughter, Millie, in Marina del Rey, is authoring another self-help guide, “Natural Pain-Free Birth.” The couple also has a 4-year-old son, Oliver.
Rechnitzer, who considers the Santa Monica-Venice-Marina del Rey beltway a “consciously aware area,” insists his methods will liberate troubled souls from self-damning patterns, ultimately shedding themselves of horrible relationships, professional and financial frustrations, and even chronic illnesses such as migraines, arthritis and depression.
“Once you shift your beliefs, you transform!” Rechnitzer said. “‘The All-Knowing Diary’ gives a whole background to how we’re creating and sabotaging our reality.”
“Get Out of Financial Crisis and Into Financial Flow Through Accessing Universal Intelligence” takes place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 13 at The Gateway, 2511 S. Barrington Ave, second floor Ste. 100, Los Angeles. Free introduction from 8-10:30 a.m.; Admission is $125 for the one-day workshop. Information,, or