I want to take this opportunity to greet all of our readers.

I probably know a few of you already, and I expect to meet many more of you in the community as I embark on this great undertaking.

David Asper Johnson, our late editor and publisher, has entrusted me and the entire Argonaut staff with the guardianship of this newspaper, his life’s work.

In accordance with his wishes, The Argonaut will continue, as it has for nearly 35 years, to serve the residents of Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Mar Vista, Del Rey, Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Venice and Westchester.

Our first goal is, and always has been, to present the news fairly and provide a forum for the differing viewpoints on the major issues and the challenges facing our communities.

We will also continue to devote a large percentage of our pages to upcoming events and activities so that our readers can participate in the wealth of culture and just plain fun that our area offers.

This is your newspaper.

Those of us who put it together each and every week are honored to carry it forward into the future.

This is David Johnson’s legacy and his gift to the community.

Carol Hector

Editor and publisher

The Argonaut