Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar Brings the Amalfi Coast to Los Angeles

By Holly Jenvey

Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar serves gelato and coffee inspired by Capri, Italy

Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar has brought the taste of the Amalfi Coast to Marina del Rey. With fresh and unique gelatos, sorbettos, a coffee bar and bites, the waterfront community can enjoy a special part of Italy through the delicious and natural menu.

The Italian eatery opened its doors to the Marina del Rey community on Oct.17 and served free cups of gelato and sorbetto. Customers not only got their first taste of Capri, Italy, where some of the best gelato in the world is made, but they were also immersed in the scenery and culture.

“It’s such a beautiful thing when you can share something that makes people happy,” says Remi Zimmerman, marketing & events manager and gelato chef at Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar. “I think ice cream and gelato have that ability.”

Back when Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar was a catering company, it debuted its mobile gelato and espresso carts at the Golden Globes in 2019 and 2020, which proved to be a big hit and ultimately paved the way for the successful storefront.

According to Zimmerman, the owner of Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar, who visited Capri every summer, decided to open in Marina del Rey because he felt the waterfront community shared many similarities with the island in Italy.

“It has that similar vibe to Capri,” Zimmerman says.

When Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar first opened its doors to the public, I had the chance to try the stracciatella and passion fruit goat cheese gelatos. Upon my first taste of the stracciatella, my taste buds were savoring the creamy flavor, which featured a combination of milky ice cream with chocolate shavings. It tasted fresh and I could tell that it had just been made. Eating the stracciatella reminded me of the time I had ice cream in Nice, a seaside town in France that is close to the border of Italy. The fresh creamy flavor was rich in taste with fresh ingredients from the Mediterranean and nothing tasted artificial or processed. However, what distinguished the two was that Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar’s gelato had just the right amount of sweetness.

What really blew my mind was the passion fruit goat cheese. Initially, I was nervous to try this flavor, since I didn’t know what it would entail as I’ve never had any ice cream with goat cheese or passion fruit before. However, it turned out to be one of the best flavors I’ve ever had. The gelato was delectably creamy yet it provided an inviting tangy taste of the fruit. It’s hard to tell that the gelato is made out of goat cheese because it’s blended in so well. I also enjoyed a macaroon with my gelato; because the gelatos weren’t overly sugary, I didn’t feel guilty indulging in another treat.

Zimmerman explains that Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar has a whole gelato case in the store dedicated to sorbettos. These sorbettos also highlight the taste of the Amalfi Coast as they are made from fresh fruit, aren’t frozen and don’t have any purees. They are also vegan and non-dairy. All of the ingredients are fresh and locally grown, as many ingredients are from farmers markets. Because Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar is dedicated to making its dishes with fresh items, the gelato menu changes every two weeks so that everything remains in season.

Not only do Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar’s menu items take you to Italy, but so does the atmosphere of the store. Zimmerman says that opening during the pandemic had presented some opportunity as they were able to provide a vacation-like experience during a time when there is no travel.

“We just wanted to create this vacation-inspired spot for locals,” Zimmerman says.

On opening day, some customers said that they had either planned to go to Italy for the summer or had just returned from visiting there.

“They were really excited to have gelato flavors and coffee that reminded them of a place or experiences that they have really enjoyed,” Zimmerman adds.

The store shows a map of Capri, along with plants and paintings of the Italian island and Los Angeles to demonstrate the best of both worlds. It also showcases lemons on tables and in its food, as lemon trees are prominent in Capri.

Aside from ice cream, the store has a variety of other menu items including coffee, pastries, toast and more to garner the authentic experience of dining in Capri. However, your passport to Capri extends beyond your store visit. If you subscribe to their mailing list, you can receive updates twice a week on coffee specials, breakfast items, new menu items, loyalty programs and coupons. They are also currently launching a delivery system with Uber Eats .

For more information on Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar, visit or their Instagram page @caprigelato.