Brightside travels to Topanga for Artists Matter showcase

Brightside spreads gratitude and grooves

Brightside spreads gratitude and grooves

An Electric Avenue studio is where frontman Clayton Joseph Scott, lead guitarist Daniel Konscious Krieger, bassist Austin Nicholsen, percussionist Will Phillips and keyboardist Steve Aguilar first came together as Brightside. They chose their band name well: love, peace, gratitude and respect figure prominently in their music, not to mention beachy grooves. Their mellow 2014 EP “West of Lincoln” was followed this past June by “Wirly Girly,” a teasing single that polishes their reggae-lite “Venice beach roots” sound.

New tunes like “Let Go” and the earnest “Rainbow Warrior” from their album-in-progress may bubble up in their set Saturday night when they return to 131’s bohemian space in Topanga Canyon for another Artists Matter fundraiser. It’s a good bet that Scott will be keeping his hands on “Grace,” the Collings acoustic he purchased with fan-raised funds after his beloved guitar “Jackson” was stolen from his car in June. Brightside’s inviting fans to be part of their live video shoot at the show.

Since its “debut charity event”/artist mixer in early May, the Santa Monica-based Artists Matter has been championing and reaching out to artists on social media. The fledgling nonprofit’s stated mission is to “provide services, resources and creative support for artists” — primarily, thus far, through grassroots networking and showcases like this, celebrating local talent and the community’s creative spirit.

— Bliss Bowen

Brightside, globetrotting photographer/musician Peter Goetz, Conscious Life Allstars, Amy May, Robot Nature, Good on Utah, Michael Russeck and DJ Fahmina raise funds for Artists Matter from 7 p.m. to midnight Saturday, Sept. 24, at 131 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga Canyon. $15. (310) 455-1335;