Word of the Blind Barber Secret Comedy Show is traveling fast

By Christina Campodonico

Grant Lyon, Andy Peters, Nick Anthony and Dave Waite put on a secret comedy show once a month Photos by Nogen Beck

Grant Lyon, Andy Peters, Nick Anthony and Dave Waite put on a secret comedy show once a month
Photos by Nogen Beck

The Blind Barber Secret Comedy Show was literally born in a bar. Standup comedian Grant Lyon and three of his pals were carousing through Culver City on a pub crawl one night and were making their last stop at the Blind Barber, a speakeasy-style bar tucked behind a barbershop on Washington Boulevard.

“At 2 a.m. one of the managers of the Blind Barber came up and was like, ‘Either you guys got to leave right now, or you got to play musical chairs with us,’” recalls Lyon. “Well obviously we’re going to play musical chairs.”

After a couple of rounds the management staff got to talking with Lyon and his drinking buddies — comedians Davie Waite, Andy Peters and Nick Anthony — about what it would take to put on a comedy show in the Blind Barber.

“I was like, ‘Well if you want to do a comedy show, I think you need a little stage right here. You might need to put a light right there. You need to do this, you need to do that. … And they were like, ‘Eh, you know a lot about this. Do you guys want to do a comedy show here?’” says Lyon. “It really was just like a happy marriage between right place, right time, and the stars aligned.”

For the past three years, Lyon and his comedian friends have been putting on a semi-secret comedy show at the Blind
Barber on the last Monday of each month.

After a brief hiatus in May to honor Memorial Day, the Blind Barber Secret Comedy show returned to the bar where it was born earlier this month and resumes its regular schedule on Monday, June 27.

Like a good inside joke, the Blind Barber Secret Comedy Show is one of those things that you have “to be in the know to know about,” says Lyon. The Blind Barber restaurant/bar itself is a “hidden gem,” he says, and the speakeasy’s semi-secretive location gives the show an exclusive, back-room kind of vibe.

And while the shows are free, you have to get on the guest list to attend.

“You don’t have to be ‘somebody’ to be on the list,” says Lyon. “Anybody is welcome to be on the list. You just have to find out about it.”

(It’s not that hard, he adds: “If you Google ‘Blind Barber Comedy Show,’ I’m sure you’re gonna find the email address and how to get on the list.” Another hint: Keep reading.)

But once you receive the secret comedy show’s email invite with the upcoming show’s lineup, you have to RSVP fast — within minutes — say regulars, before spots completely fill up.

It’s all laughs from there, so to speak. Check in at the front of the barbershop, go through the coatroom door to enter the backroom bar, grab a seat or table, order up some drinks or grilled cheeses, (the backroom bar/restaurant specializes in the gourmet kind), and get ready to hoot and holler at some of the funniest names in show business.

Standups who’ve appeared on Comedy Central, “Last Comic Standing,” “The Late Late Show,” and “The Tonight Show” make regular appearances, and comic greats such as Tom Segura, Bobcat Goldthwait and Retta have also been featured on past lineups.

“They usually have good-quality comedy,” says regular Stephanie Morgan. “It’s comedians that have an established career or have a good track record of getting the good laughs.”

But one of the best parts about the show is still the price tag, says Morgan.

“Who doesn’t love a comedy show? Especially if it’s free.”

The next Blind Barber Secret Comedy Shows is on Monday, June 27, at the Blind Barber, 10797 Washington Blvd., Culver City. Email barbersecretshow@gmail.com to get on the list.