The Nature LA series is continuing at the G2 Gallery in Venice with an exhibit of photographs by Rosa Romero depicting objects from the natural world that cross-reference still life with the nature genre.

The exhibit opened Feb. 1 and will be held through Feb. 27 at G2, 1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice.

Nature LA focuses on the work of fine art photographers based in the Los Angeles area working with nature as their subject. Romero’s work aims to bring to light details of nature that might otherwise be overlooked, like the delicate wispy quality of an apache plume, or the graceful curves of a whelk, a gallery spokesperson explains.

As an environmental design practitioner and sustainable artist, Romero uses only recycled or natural materials, or – in the case of her photography – papers made from sustainably harvested trees.

An opening reception for Nature LA: Rosa Romero will take place Feb. 4 and will coincide with Abbot Kinney First Friday.

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