Santa Monica College (SMC) has dedicated the “Garden of Glass,” a student-and-faculty group sculpture project created in memory of glass student Edgar Sinada, who died in 2007 of stomach cancer at the age of 29.

The dedication ceremony was held Friday, November 14th, in the campus library, where the glass sculpture is housed.

The installation was created by 30 students in the SMC glass class of 2007, two teaching assistants and art professor Don Hartman. The design, planning, creation and installation of the piece took nearly a year.

“Edgar Sinada was very well liked, and we all decided we wanted to honor his memory with a special piece of art,” Hartman said. “This soon grew into a major installation as more and more people became involved.”

The glass sculpture consists of 15 columns made up of 175 individual blown-glass pieces, each created by a different student. Two of the columns are more than ten feet high.

Members of Sinada’s family were guests of honor at the dedication ceremony.