This year The Argonaut is celebrating its 40th anniversary as the area’s premiere community newspaper.

Like any 40-year-old, we look at ourselves and see the need to tweak a bit here and there. Over the past few months, we have been slowly updating our pages, making them easier to read, modernizing our type and graphics, and adding more color.

In the Jan. 6, 2011 edition, the front cover logo previewed its facelift. We hope the change was barely noticeable and kept to the original look and flavor of issues past.

Today, we introduce the next phase of the process, a change to our front cover. Since 1975, the cover page has generally featured a stand-alone photo or image and remained so throughout the years.

Because we are a newspaper, proud of our service to you, our community, our readers and our advertisers, we have added a lead story or two to the cover while downsizing the cover photo and caption you are familiar with.

We are excited to introduce this new look and hope you will like it, too. Comments are welcome and can be sent to me,