Santa Monica College (SMC) has appointed Genevieve Bertone as its sustainability coordination project manager. The position was a key recommendation in SMC’s 2007 environmental audit, college officials said.

Bertone is currently the executive director of Sustainable Works, which is located in the SMC Center for Environmental and Urban Studies’ Pearl Street house and is partially funded by the City of Santa Monica. Her Sustainable Works post is 30 hours a week and her SMC sustainability coordination position is a ten-hour-a-week job.

As sustainability coordination project manager, Bertone will be responsible for planning, organizing and directing the implementation of specific recommendations of the college’s environ- mental audit, which was released in April.

“The college is already doing a lot of great things to make the campus sustainable, but my new position will allow me to focus on certain areas in which improvement can be made,” Bertone said. “This is an exciting time at SMC in which students and employees are working together at so many levels to make the college even more sustainable.”

Bertone said she will pay particular attention to bringing solar power to the college, supporting the recently adopted alternative transportation initiative, assisting student groups such as the SMC Bike Club with its projects, and playing a role in the upcoming revisions to the SMC Master Plan and the City of Santa Monica’s Land Use and Circulation Element.

She said her new position will capitalize on her experience of working with both the city and the college on environmental programs, and she hopes to continue to foster collaborations between the two.

The SMC environmental audit is a comprehensive report that looks at campus practices in transportation, water and energy use, waste and recycling, food service, curriculum and more.

Bertone directed the audit study, which was initiated by students in SMC’s Eco-Action Club. The volunteer effort involved students, professors, staff and administrators and was overseen by a subcommittee of the SMC Academic Senate’s Environmental Affairs Committee.