George R. Hively — a cherished and respected member of the Marina del Rey boating community — recently died after complications of pneumonia. He was 72.

Hively was a longtime yachtsman and very involved in the local boating scene.

He served as commodore for the Windjammers Yacht Club, the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs, the Southern California Yachting Association, and the Yacht Racing Union of Southern California during the 1980s and 1990s.

Hively was an avid ham radio operator and could often be heard assisting boaters at sea with weather reports or a variety of other information from his home in San Pedro.

For these efforts, he received the Maritime Order of the Golden Key award in 1993 from the Southern California Yachting Association.

Born into the film industry, Hively was the son of editor/ writer George Hively I, who worked on more than 85 films beginning in the silent era, and the brother of Jack Hively, who directed the television show The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, among others.

Hively, like his father, was also an editor and worked on film classics such as The Longest Yard and Blame It on Rio.

Hively is survived by his wife of 44 years, Geri Hively; daughter, Deborah Prince; son, Ken Hively; daughter-in-law, Cindy Hively; and grandchildren, Roger Prince and Becki Hively.

Lynne Hammett contributed to this story.