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Story by Jessica Koslow | Tour photos by Jake Ahles

98 Years of See’s Candies in L.A.

• Charles A. See founded the company in 1921 using mother Mary See’s recipes, many of them still in use today.
• In the late ‘20s, men in chauffer uniforms delivered candy on black-and-white motorcycles with sidecars.
• See’s responded to WWII rations of butter, cream and sugar by making less chocolate rather than skimping on quality, setting the company apart from competitors.
• The present-day factory in Baldwin Park opened in 1946. It’s where Lucille Ball shot the famous chocolate conveyer-belt scene for “I Love Lucy.”
• Warren Buffet’s multinational conglomerate holding company Berkshire Hathaway bought See’s Candies in 1972.
• See’s now produces 26 million pieces of candy each year, including about 1 million pounds of its famous lollypops and 1.2 million pounds of peanut brittle.
• The most popular items in candy shops are the lollypops and Bordeauxs.