The international arts non-profit Mirror Space will hold a grand opening event for the Cadillac Gallery at the historic Cadillac Hotel in Venice from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, Dec. 10.

The gallery at the art-deco Cadillac Hotel, a former residence of Charlie Chaplin, is across the street from the former Sponto Gallery and will feature works by locally-based artists.

“Where else does the curator, the iconoclast, and the starving artist live on the same block,” Stéphen Ribbon, director of Mirror Space, says of the Venice location. “I am now blessed to live in a community of astounding talent.”

The Cadillac Gallery is described as an “unpretentious, accessible, and affordable contemporary art gallery,” by Ribbon, the curator from Berlin. The gallery will host special events and run two-month-long exhibitions.

“This is just another seed in Venice,” says Ribbon, who participates in the monthly Venice Art Crawl.

Ribbon says major artists will be exhibiting at the Cadillac, such as Arturo Mallmann, who moved his studio from Buenos Aires to Venice in the 1970s and pioneered the epoxy process, utilizing a process consisting of alternating layers of varnish and sanding.

Among other artists exhibiting are Ivo Vergara, who is originally from Santiago, Chile, and has had his studio at the Distillery in Venice for 10 years, and Art Venti, a 20-year Venice resident who won the first place prize last month in the Colors of Life Art Competition. Another artist is

Derek Franz, who is showing a series of complex 3-D collages for the exhibit.

There are a total of eight artists exhibiting, with others including photographer Brett Mazurek and painters Bill Dambrova, Craig Cartwright, and Sam-E Razar.

The Cadillac Gallery is at 8 Dudley Ave., Venice.