Before this week’s letter from the general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to Grass Roots board membeers (see page 3), the Grass Roots board said it would consider a motion next week from the Grass Roots Land Use and Planning Committee regarding a proposed redevelopment of the Pioneer Bakery site at 512 Rose Ave., Venice.

The Grass Roots committee is asking the Neighborhood Council board to support the Pioneer Bakery project, as proposed — seven on-site, for sale, “very low income” units.

The Grass Roots committee support is subject to the following conditions, offered by developers as conditions of approval:

– five live-and-work units fronting Rose Avenue would be designed in a “retail-friendly manner,” with transparent glass storefronts, no curtains or blinds, and ground-level entries with no barriers from the public right-of-way;

– to moderate the impact of the building mass and height, plans would be revised to incorporate significant vertical articulation to the roof lines; and

– funds from the city “one percent investment for art” would be used for art on-site or elsewhere in Venice.

At the earlier-called board meeting, board members were to hear public testimony and developers, who had been scheduled to be present to answer board questions.

The Pioneer Bakery site project is scheduled to be considered at a meeting of the City Planning Commission Thursday, December 9th, in City Hall downtown.

The proposed project is a mixed-use project that would include 75 condominiums — including five live-and-work units — and approximately 5,200 square feet of commercial space for a restaurant/bakery.

The project would include 68 market-rate units and seven affordable units for sale to “very low income” persons for approximately $50,000.

Total building square footage would be approximately 103,000 square feet.

The project includes 247 parking spaces on two subterranean levels, 181 for residential — 2.4 parking spaces per unit — and 66 for the restaurant.

The total lot size is 61,980 square feet and 16,396 square feet of open space would be provided.

Project developers are requesting discretionary approvals for construction on eight contiguous lots, zoning and density averaging, increased height (up to 40 feet), setback reductions, and early operating hours — 5 a.m. — for the retail bakery.

Information, GRVNC Land Use and Planning Committee, (310) 392-5079.