“It is obvious that Mr. Nelson and DONE (Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment) have continued to want to destroy GRVNC,” said Suzanne Thompson, president of the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council (GRVNC) in response to the Greg Nelson letter.

“We will continue to support what’s right,” the Grass Roots president said. “I find it terribly discourteous that Greg Nelson did not inform the (GRVNC) board prior to releasing this letter.

“Some of our board members do not even use e-mail.”

Concerning the issue that made the election invalid — conducting the election of board members the same evening as amendments to bylaws were being voted on — Thompson said:

“They could have just thrown the amendments out. Instead they threw the baby out with the bathwater.”

Thompson said Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council board members will meet Monday, November 22nd, to discuss the recent DONE decision and to gather public comment on the issue.