The Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council Overnight Parking District Ad Hoc Committee has scheduled three meetings to train street captains and educate residents about how to organize Overnight Parking Districts.

Street captains help circulate petitions and gather signatures for the purpose of creating an Overnight Parking District.

Under a Municipal Code section that was adopted last fall, Overnight Parking Districts may be petitioned for in Venice and other Coastal Zone areas.

Only permitted residents’ vehicles may park within the boundaries of an Overnight Parking District between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., hours that the city has determined would not restrict public access to the beach.

The meetings will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, June 19th, Thursday, June 22nd, and Monday, June 26th at the Extra Space storage facility, 658 Venice Blvd., Venice.

Municipal Code 80.54 allows designated areas within the city’s “Coastal Zone” to be declared Overnight Parking Districts.

A district can be as small as a single city block or it can encompass entire neighborhoods.

Establishing areas for a district can occur on an ongoing basis.

Every time a new district is requested or a change in an existing district is needed, a new resolution must be approved by the City Council.

A block or neighborhood becomes eligible for designation if 66 percent of the dwelling units in the area sign an official Overnight Parking District petition.

Only one resident per dwelling unit can sign the petition.

The costs to residents involved are:

n $15 for an annual parking permit (maximum of three permits per dwelling unit);

n $10 for a four-month renewable visitor permit (maximum of two permits per dwelling unit per year); and

n $1 for a one-night guest permit (maximum of ten permits per dwelling unit per year).

In accordance with the municipal code, Councilman Bill Rosendahl must introduce and pass a resolution in the City Council to designate an Overnight Parking District because he represents Venice in Council District 11.

Georgann Abraham and Stewart Oscars, co-chairs of the ad hoc committee, said Rosendahl fully supports a resolution for Venice neighborhoods.

Rosendahl told them that the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council should handle applications for Overnight Parking Districts, and that he will then take the work and recommendations and introduce a resolution in the City Council.

The purpose of the ad hoc committee is to:

n identify eligible neighborhoods and streets within the geographical boundaries of the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council that would qualify for an Overnight Parking District;

n engage in community outreach and seek community input to assist those neighborhoods and streets that wish to be designated an Overnight Parking District;

n present findings to the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council board of officers for the purpose of crafting a resolution that the Los Angeles City Council can approve in accordance with Municipal Code 80.54; and

n develop methods for monitoring enforcement of the Overnight Parking District once it has been implemented.

“The constant presence of illegally parked vehicles on city streets throughout Venice, and their accompanying issues, have created a negative impact on the quality of life in our neighborhoods,” wrote Abraham and Oscars in a statement of existing problems.

“This negative impact is felt through loss of parking for residents and businesses, loss of access to surrounding sidewalk areas, and loss of feeling safe outside one’s home.”

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