The Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council went ahead and held a candidate and bylaws election Sunday, June 27th, despite requests from the City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.

The election was held as announced at Westminster Elementary School in Venice, although up to a day before the election, it appeared as though the school could not be used for the election because of a scheduling conflict.

Because of the scheduling conflict, Election Committee chair Paul Ryan resigned from the Neighborhood Council the day before the election.

The following are initial results of the candidate election, including the number of votes each candidate received:

n President, Suzanne Thompson 357, Jennifer Carson 44, write-ins 5;

n vice president, Alice Stek 359, write-ins 6;

n second vice president, DeDe McCrary 363, write-ins 6;

n government relations officer, Sheila Bernard 335, write-ins 6;

n secretary, John Davis 359, write-ins 7;

n at-large member, Francisco Letelier 346, Richard Myers 25, Larry Smoot 7, write-ins 4;

n District 1 representative, Deborah Krall 90, Rick Selan 2;

n District 2 representative, Bonnie Cheeseman 25, write-ins not announced;

n District 3 representative, Bridget Graham 63, write-ins 2;

n District 4 representative, Dennis Hathaway 30, Will Yeager 2;

n District 5 representative, Emily Winters 115, Howard Saxe 3, Kelley Willis 8;

n District 6 representative, Michael McGuffin 27, John Raphling 20;

n District 7 representative, Zoe Garaway 34, write-ins 2.

The following are initial results of the bylaws election:

n bylaws amendment 1: defines stakeholder status (live, work, own property, participate in Venice organization). Stakeholder status attested to by the voter (identification not required)

yes 351

no: 107;

n bylaws amendment 2: redistribution of board duties:

yes: 404

no: 44;

n bylaws amendment 3: stakeholders will affirm by signature at the time they request a ballot that they meet the criteria to be a stakeholder:

yes 333,

no 122;

n bylaws amendment 4: if more than two candidates are running for an office, voting shall be by instant runoff voting;

yes 437,

no 21;

n bylaws amendment 5: a third party shall serve as the election administrator:

yes 440,

no 26;

n bylaws amendment 6: board members shall remain in office past the July 1st expiration date for their terms if newly elected board members are not seated by then due to election challenges:

yes 421,

no 40.

A total of 509 stakeholders voted in the election.