The fourth annual Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, including homes with a variety of sustainable features, will take place Saturday, April 21 throughout Mar Vista.

The event begins at 10 a.m. and will feature 50 new gardens on the tour.

Guests on the tour can choose to personalize their tours using convenient tags on garden styles and sustainability topics or follow maps specific to an area, said an event organizer.

Participants will have firsthand views of drought-resistant landscapes and edible gardens. Sustainability features of the residences range from composting techniques to water capture practices.

This year, the tour will place special emphasis on the critical need for ocean-friendly gardens and habitats that support much needed pollinators such as honeybees and Monarch butterflies.

Urban gardening takes on a new meaning as gardens range from aquaponic farming to chicken coops.

The showcase is comprised of more than 90 private resident gardens throughout Mar Vista. On the heels of three successful tours that topped 2,000 attendees last year, this year’s sustainability event includes six self-guided walking and biking tours to address sustainability in daily living, with special guest presenters at many gardens.

The guest presenters on the tour include, Los Angeles County Master Gardeners, the Seed Library of Los Angeles, Native Green LLC, Open Neighborhoods, Transition and Label GMO’s. Landscape designers, solar installers and service providers will also be at gardens to answer questions and share information.

Gardens at four schools – Walgrove Avenue and Windward elementary schools, Mark Twain Middle School and Venice High School – will be featured this year.

Last year, the showcase hosted the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour.

Mar Vista has rapidly become one of the city’s most sustainable neighborhoods. The community council’s Green Committee has a booth at the Mar Vista Farmers Market where interested parties can learn about a variety of sustainable initiatives.

A preview of the gardens and a map of the locations are available at:

Additional information and maps can be found the day of the tour at 3635 Grand View Blvd.