Signs of the Forest, a group exhibition about the forest, metaphorically, physically, and philosophically, will be on display at the Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica.

An opening reception for the exhibit is scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, July 17 at Arena 1 Gallery, 3026 Airport Ave., Santa Monica.

Each of the 16 artists in the show has been working with nature and ideas about nature for their art, whether made of stones, leaves, branches or bones, or through video or photographic representation.

The viewer is asked to recall the “forest,” says a gallery spokesperson.

The exhibition addresses various issues such as sustainability, property rights, public space, and protecting nature. Works featured include landscapes, photographs (including satellite photos), and use of found art in the forest or in urban areas.

The participating artists are Kim Abeles, Marsia Alexander-Clarke, Vaughn Bell, Joseph Kriss Bradley, Carrie Burckle, Marie-Laure Ilie, Maddy Le Mel, Mary Ellen Long, Luigia Martelloni, John Montich, Sarah Perry, Tanja Rector, Sue Ann Robinson, Pat Warner, Larry White, and Meeson Pae Yang.