With a budget plan and management team in place to acquire Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital, all that’s needed is $10 million, said We CAHRE (Community Action for Healthcare Reform and Education) director Julie Inouye.

“We have the financial plan, the management team, now show us the money,” Inouye told the Westchester Neighborhood Association Monday, June 7th.

The We CAHRE group includes Inouye, Gerard Dulker, Liston Witherill and Art Swerdloff, as well as physicians.

Inouye said there is not a lot of time to acquire the hospital from Tenet Healthcare, because if a private owner (for-profit organization) acquires the hospital, there is no legal recourse or jurisdiction to require that it remain a hospital.

“I ask you, would you rather spend $10 million now, or $166 million later to have a hospital in the area?” Inouye asked.

She implored the audience to take home donation envelopes and disperse them in their neighborhoods, “because we are down to the wire on raising funds,” said Inouye.

Another option would be for Tenet Healthcare to donate the hospital, free of any debt, to the group.

State Attorney General Bill Lockyer had instructed Tenet Healthcare to sell the hospital “to a viable organization,” one that can prove they have the funds to take the hospital off Tenet Healthcare’s hands, said Inouye.