The Los Angeles City Planning Commission and the Board of Airport Commissioners unanimously approved a Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) “consensus ” or specific plan Monday, June 14th, presented by Los Angeles City Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski that would go ahead with some parts of Mayor Jim Hahn’s $9 billion redevelopment plan for the airport and postpone other components.

Miscikowski had proposed the consensus plan as an alternative to Hahn’s LAX master plan Alternative D, after much opposition to Hahn’s Alternative D by community members and some Los Angeles City Council members.

Miscikowski’s consensus plan would move forward with some so-called “green light” airport projects. “Red light” projects — including a remote check-in facility proposed for Manchester Square, and demolishing three terminals on the airport’s north side — would require further analysis.

The consensus plan includes moving forward with:

– a consolidated rental-car facility;

– an elevated tram;

– relocation of runways on the southern side of the airport; and

– a transportation center to link the tram with the Green Line.

The City Council, an oversight panel and airport commissioners would have to work together for additional review and study of projects on security, air pollution, traffic and noise.

Former El Segundo Mayor Mike Gordon has already collected 10,000 signatures on a petition asking city officials to revise Hahn’s LAX master plan alternative D to cap growth at the airport.

Miscikowski has not yet presented her consensus plan in public hearings, and the approved plan will go next to the Los Angeles County Airport Land Use Commission, with 60 days to review the plan.

Miscikowski’s plan will then go to the Los Angeles City Council and be reviewed later in the year by the Federal Aviation Administration.