Ten employees from Hangers Cleaners in Marina del Rey will split $76,000 after matching five of six numbers in the multi-state Mega Millions Lottery Friday, September 15th.

The employees missed the $163 million jackpot by one number — the last Mega number — and should receive $6,000 per person after taxes, according to Hangers Cleaners owner Steve Sussman.

Each employee put in $4 to buy a total of 40 tickets.

The odds of winning five of five numbers without the Mega number are one in four million.

Sussman said this was the first time he joined a group of nine employees who have been playing in a lottery pool twice a week for three years.

“This group is a good mix of employees,” Sussman said. “It was good that all the people who work in the back who don’t make a lot of money won.”

He said some of his co-winners plan to buy a car, pay family expenses or save for a down payment on a house.

Sussman says he plans to use his winnings to pay bills, pay for his annual trip to Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend and give a lot to his wife to shop for what she wants.