The William H. Hannon College Center has opened at St. Bernard Catholic High School in Playa del Rey.

The purpose of the center is to provide an available space before, during and after school, where students can access the Internet for college information, attend workshops, seminars and presentations by college and university representatives.

The college center is equipped with high-speed Internet access, providing additional computers for students to complete college and scholarship applications. The facility also has a library of college catalogs, handbooks and resource materials to help students make lifelong career choices.

Kathleen Aikenhead, president of the Hannon Foundation and David Herbst, a Hannon Foundation board member, attended the dedication ceremony Thursday, November 1st, for the college center, which was funded by the Hannon Foundation. Guests also included a former St. Bernard alumni director and administrator, members of the classes of 1961 and 1962, and a member of the school advisory board.

St. Bernard High principal Denis S. Mu“oz said the College Center is a place where students have a special environment where they can reflect on their future academic endeavors.

The dedication ceremony was conducted by Bishop Joseph Sartoris. Guests, administrators, faculty, staff and students gathered in the school courtyard for the dedication of the center.

A plaque will be placed in the college center, commemorating the dedication ceremony.

UCLA’s Early Academic Outreach Program, which is already using the center, counsels students on the application process for the University of California system by conducting workshops on filling out applications and essay writing for college admissions.

Other topics will include financial aid, using the Internet, leadership skills and letters of recommendation.

The Hannon College Center is designed to be the meeting place for high school seniors to successfully acquire the necessary tools for admittance to their college of choice.