AC Dickson: eBay Powerseller, a truly 21st century performance piece poking fun at the concept of e-commerce, will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, September 25th, at Highways Performance Space, 1651 18th St., Santa Monica. Tickets are $15.

AC Dickson puts all the trappings of the corporate conference room and self-help seminar up to ridicule. Using PowerPoint, rock anthems and audience interaction, Andrew “AC” Dickson and Susan Beal are out to convince us that eBay selling is “personally lucrative, good for this country and ultimately a meaningful step towards world peace and a better tomorrow,” according to Highways Performance Space.

Blending aspects of theater, performance art and the corporate seminar, AC Dickson: eBay Powerseller makes mock eBay experts out of audience members. Not just a lecture about eBay, Dickson delivers an entertaining treatise on capitalism, market forces and the American dream, using wry wit and satire.

Husband and wife Andrew Dickson and Susan Beal moved to Los Angeles from Portland, Oregon where they continue to spend some time. Andrew is a performer, writer and filmmaker whose satirical character-based work has been shown at festivals and colleges across the country. He has been an eBay PowerSeller for the last four years.

Beal has collaborated with Dickson on several performances and is also a writer for magazines such as Bust, Venus and ReadyMade.

AC Dickson: eBay PowerSeller premiered at the 2004 Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s TBA festival. It has since played at the 2005 NottDance festival in Nottingham, England, Tramway in Glasgow, Scotland, and Reed College.

Information, (310) 315-1459.