Purigenex uses biologically activated collagen to turn back aging

By Katie Lulla

Dr. Susanne Bennett is the founder and CEO of Purigenex, an innovative body care brand founded on the principle that health skin leads to better health.

Fourteen years ago, Dr. Susanne Bennett looked at her candid photos from Hawaii and saw fine lines and discoloration. This inspired her to create Purigenex Cosmeceuticals, which uses biologically activated collagen that not only creates immediate results, but also revitalizes cells to slow aging.

“I’m all about utilizing all the natural ways to heal the body,” Bennett said. “I went to all the expensive stores out there in Beverly Hills trying to get the right stuff. It didn’t work. It made me feel good but it didn’t really create true biological change. As a doctor that’s what I want.”

Bennett is a fifth-generation natural medicine doctor whose expertise is in natural medicine, detoxification, environmental medicine and anti-aging. For the past 32 years, she has worked in Santa Monica as a licensed chiropractor.

While searching for ingredients that would create lasting results, a medical acquaintance offered Bennett a sample of biologically activated collagen from tissue-engineering doctors in Seoul. Although the collagen was first created for burn regeneration, Bennett found that it has vastly improved her skin damage. She received the distribution rights and created the Intensive Collagen Serum & Mask Kit.

“I go to an anti-aging show every year called A4M,” Bennett said. “It’s only doctors, and all the doctors are in natural health medicine. I decided to open and launch the product there. The entire shipment was all sold out at that show. […] I knew right away, ‘I have a business now.’”

Since then, Purigenex has expanded to seven products that all target damaged and aging skin. Purigenex now offers a moisturizer, two additional serums for lightening and age reversal, a body butter and an element protection stick. While Purigenex targets already damaged skin, those looking for prevention will also benefit.

Before the pandemic, Purigenex sold their products directly to medi spas and plastic surgeons such as Jason Diamond, who brought the brand directly to musicians, models and internet stars. In the middle of 2020, Purigenex decided to join the retail market.
“COVID made me think and pivot a bit of my distribution because a lot of the doctors and plastic surgeons didn’t go to work,” Bennett said. “I decided I was going to open it up to the general public.”

The products can be bought directly from Purigenex and shipped globally — the exceptions being countries that do not take porcine products and those whose shipping is more than two days from the United States. The products must be refrigerated and must also be made fresh several times a year.
“Because it’s a biological active product, I don’t order a huge amount of it, because I don’t want it to sit,” Bennett said. “We order as many as five to seven times a year. It’s always brand new.”

Bennett said that aging and damaged skin has positive ionization. Purigenex’s researchers developed a method to derive collagen with negative ionization to better penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. This immediately begins healing skin and activates fibroblast cells in the skin to increase collagen production.
“We know that it will absorb and be utilized by our cells,” Bennett said. “It’s a very powerful medicine, but at the same time, if you want to have plumped, glowing and more youthful skin, [you’ll get that too.]”

Bennett handpicked each product’s ingredients, outside of the activated collagen, which she made sure had no parabens. She incorporated cosmeceuticals such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and glutathione in the formulation, alongside edelweiss plant stem cells. The moisturizer also has peptides and ceramides to keep skin nourished.

“[I had] to do a lot of research [to see which] ingredients you can actually put in a formula,” Bennett said. “You’ve got to look at [which] ingredients are able to mix together and then the percentages, which are super important.”

Bennett takes pride in Purigenex’s high ingredient percentages and concentrations. During the formulation process, she made sure to limit chemicals and unnecessary ingredients so that consumers get high-quality products.

“I’m all about healthy skin, I just want everyone to reach their potential and continue to feel good as they’re aging,” Bennett said. “Gracefully aging, aging well, that’s all I’m about. We can use products that have natural ingredients that are the key to aging well and feeling good about your skin and your body, inside and out.”