Internationally known artist and author Petra Eiko is bringing “the-green-heart” back Sunday, June 27th as part of the Edgemar summer solstice festival in Santa Monica beginning at 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Under the umbrella of the-green-heart, a platform to increase peace, Eiko will be displaying a large-scale art piece as part of an interactive public art installation. The theme of this installation is “What is in your heart? The world is listening.”

Eiko seeks to entice viewers to put their busy lives on hold to contemplate and express what is going on in their hearts. The community is invited to express their thoughts on loose sheets of paper and post their creations, little drawings and messages on her art piece. Grouping Eiko’s painting with visitors handwritten innermost thoughts attempts to create the feeling of community and connectivity.

“It is so important in our times, where we all tend to separate more and more, to have something that draws us together,” says the artist. “What is in your heart?” gives us the rare opportunity to tap into our hearts and create something meaningful together.

“With every paper, people show that we are not alone, that we have similar thoughts, joys and therefore are all one.”

The “What is in you Heart?” project was first introduced this spring when Eiko displayed the art piece in the Good Works Space of Darrylynn Kaun at ZeroMinusPlus at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. Within six weeks, nearly eight hundred notes were collected. The notes and the papers collected at the summer solstice festival will be published in a book.

A percentage of the book’s proceeds goes to a local charity.

Edgemar is at 2431 Main St., Santa Monica.