Actor Henry Winkler visited the Loyola Marymount University campus Thursday, December 1st, as part of the university’s weeklong forum commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Education For All Act.

Winkler was on campus to view the documentary film How’s Your News? and serve as a moderator for a discussion after the film.

The film chronicles the lives of five people with various physical and/or mental disabilities who traveled from New Hampshire to California and interviewed strangers along the way.

Winkler, of Happy Days fame, told the audience of his own experiences struggling through school and life not knowing he suffered from dyslexia.

He said his parents and teachers told him that he was lazy and was not living up to his potential.

At age 31, he said he realized he was dyslexic when his stepson was diagnosed with the learning disorder.

“If you will it, it isn’t a dream,” Winkler said. “We all have such greatness inside. You just have to focus on it.”

The commemoration, coordinated by the university School of Education, wrapped up on Friday, December 2nd, after a week of lectures, panel discussions, and best practices sessions.