Santa Monica High School has something to be proud of. Nine students from its Students For the Advancement of Global Enterprises (SAGE) team won the 2006 SAGE World Cup Championship in Shanghai, China on Saturday, August 5th.

The students who competed in the event were Carlton Fortenberry, Malik Moosa, Chris Peterson, Anthony Campbell, Erick Burger, Jasmine Coker, Elizabeth Munoz, Sabrina Marin and Doug Monroy.

All nine students, except for Coker, who is a senior, have now graduated from Santa Monica High School (Samohi).

Teri Jones and Anita Kemp were the SAGE advisors/instructors and are also teachers at Samohi.

“SAGE is an independent, competitive organization at the high school level that encourages the teaching of ethical entrepreneurship,” said Jones. “And it does this by having students work on projects concerning entrepreneurship, community service, civic engagement, using college mentors, using local bus- iness mentors and having environmental projects.”

SAGE also encourages social entrepreneurship and tries to infuse a citizenship mentality into what students are learning, Jones said.

Before representing the U.S. in China and winning the SAGE World Cup Championship last month, the SAGE team also won the California Championship in April in Chico and the USA Championship in May in Brooklyn, New York.

At the World Cup Championship in Shanghai, nine countries competed, including the U.S., South Africa, Nigeria, China, Russia and Ukraine, the 2005 SAGE World Cup Champions.

At each competition, SAGE teams had only 15 minutes to present what they had accomplished throughout the year and there was five minutes for questions. Santa Monica High School’s SAGE team chose the theme, “Traveling the roads of success.”

“The thing that set the U.S. team apart from others was the depth of their projects and that the students did everything themselves [without outside help],” Jones said. “They really impressed the judges. We really set the bar high.”

The students were judged in several categories — community outreach, global activities, civic engagement, environmental activities, use of college mentors and business advisory boards, mass media, measuring results and entrepreneurship.

“It’s pretty awesome what these kids have accomplished,” Jones said. “The projects [the students completed] are massive and extensive.”

“It was a great experience,” said team member Monroy. “There’s not a better feeling than to accomplish what we have been working for all year.”

The students and two advisors were in China for one week and they were busy every minute of it, Jones said.

“We got to meet students from these other countries’ teams,” Jones said. “We had an international cultural day. Everybody made friends and they also exchanged gifts.”

The SAGE team also received a tour of a McDonald’s in Shanghai and of silk and pearl factories. They visited museums and spent a lot of time polishing up their presentation, Jones said.

SAGE team members, like Monroy, said they learned a lot from their experience on the team, even things that will help them throughout their life.

“SAGE has taught me that when you’re running a business, it’s not only important to make a profit, but it’s also important to give back to your community that has helped your business grow, whether it’s time or money,” Monroy said. “And if you want something, you have to work hard and go out and get it.”

At the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District board of education meeting Thursday, August 31st, the Samohi SAGE students were congratulated, as were the two SAGE advisors.

“I commend you for the investment of your time and energy,” said Dianne Talarico, district superintendent.

The board presented star paperweights to the SAGE students and advisors at the meeting.

“It is a very special night,” said Julia Brownley, president of the board. “You are true ambassadors of Santa Monica High School and the community, of real excellence. We all want to congratulate you very, very much.”