Holocaust claims attorney Randy Schoenberg will address some of these legal issues when he speaks at a Shabbat service and dinner 6:30 p.m. Friday, June 25th, at the Mishkon Tephilo synagogue.

The synagogue is at 206 Main St. in Venice. Reservations are required by noon Tuesday, June 22nd.

The dinner is $20 for members of the congregation, $18 for seniors who are members and $22 for non-members.

Nearly 60 years after the end of the Nazi occupation in Europe, legal claims for the return of property taken from Holocaust victims persists in various courts.

Schoenberg is currently the lead counsel in a lawsuit against the Republic of Austria.

The lawsuit seeks the return of six paintings valued at $150 million that were taken in 1938 in Vienna from the family of a Cheviot Hills woman.

Although United States law generally exempts foreign governments from lawsuits in domestic courts, an exception permits such cases of expropriations that violate international law, according to Schoenberg.

The Ninth Circuit federal appeals court ruled that the woman could pursue legal action in California.

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