An outreach effort led by Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s office to assist the homeless living in Westchester Park took place April 19.

The effort involved representatives from city and county agencies including the county Department of Mental Health, People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), county Department of Social Services, St. Joseph Center in Venice, Los Angeles Police Department Pacific division, the Department of Parks and Recreation and the CLARE Foundation.

All of these agencies offered services to the homeless population living in the park, a spokesman for Rosendahl said.

A total of 22 individuals, including 16 men and six women, were interviewed by representatives of the agencies, according to a PATH spokesperson.

Following the outreach, six people received housing through PATH, and two individuals were transported to St. Joseph Center to access housing services, Rosendahl’s spokesperson said.

Police have begun enforcing a law that prohibits sleeping in the park, either in a vehicle or on the ground. Rosendahl’s office said the outreach effort will continue for those seeking access to social services.