The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation, through its Boater Education Program and in partnership with the state Department of Boating & Waterways, has announced the start of the Honey Pot Day Program for boaters who berth in Marina del Rey.

Honey Pot Day is a program that offers interested boaters a free one-time mobile pumpout service for their vessel sewage holding tanks. This year, the program has been extended an extra month, from April until October 31.

Discharging wastewater into water bodies affects everyone who uses them, a foundation spokesperson said. The 1992 Clean Water Act describes vessel sewage discharge as “a substantial contributor to localized degradation of water quality in the United States.”

To be eligible for the program, boaters must pre-register with Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation staff and receive face-to-face educational outreach on the effects of discharging raw sewage into marina waters.


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