Patients at Marina Del Rey Hospital have been the beneficiaries of an extra dose of specialized care throughout 2010 during their hospital stays.

In addition to their daily care from a team of nurses, doctors and other caregivers, members of the hospital’s executive staff have been making patient rounds to visit the bedriden as well as offer their assistance to family members who might be visiting the hospital.

The concierge service began this year when Marina Hospital CEO Fred Hunter took a look at the hospital’s patient satisfaction services and decided to institute something new.

“I proposed to my leadership staff that someone needs to be advocating for the patients, and I think this brings service to the patients instead of the family having to come to the hospital to request it,” Hunter explained.

The executive staff have assigned rooms that they visit and engage patients to find out what their immediate needs are, which can consist of bringing someone an extra blanket, advising the dietary staff on a personal food request or stopping by to check on a patient recently out of surgery, said Tammie Bean, the hospital’s director of rehabilitation services.

“Sometimes patients need someone to listen to and to reassure them that we want to be responsive to their needs,” Bean said. “We want them to know that we care about them.”

One experience that stands out for members of the executive staff was an instance where a family was traveling from Hawaii to Fresno to take part in a young woman’s high school graduation when her grandmother became ill and was taken to Marina Del Rey Hospital. The grandmother was unable to attend the ceremony, but Bean arranged to have a live videocast stream of the graduation.

Hunter said he has received very good feedback both from his staff and patients.

“We are trying to help them to have the most pleasant experience possible while they are at our hospital,” he said.

The patient concierge service is provided Monday though Friday.