It was the afternoon of November 25th, 1971. Mimi and I were returning from a walk to Fisherman’s Village, on the way home to our townhouse on Fiji Way, just east of Lincoln Boulevard.

We were talking about our recent move to Los Angeles from New York City. We had moved here in September of 1969 with our two sons and a Siamese cat and, so far, we loved being here and things were going well for us.

As we were approaching our front door, I commented, “I wish there was a local newspaper in Marina del Rey so I could contribute some photos of this beautiful place and get some recognition. It would sure help my new business grow.”

Well, there on the doorstep was volume one, issue one of The Argonaut. I looked up to the sky, said “thank you” and quickly phoned Dave Johnson to make an appointment for the next day.

My first photos were in Volume 1, Number 2 and we’re still at it.

We had a very long friendship with Dave and we all miss him.

[Greg Wenger is a freelance photographer who specializes in the Marina area and still frequently supplies photos for The Argo-naut.]